"i’m not gonna swallow these cherry pits"

"you’re gonna need to learn to swallow some time"


Here go your “both sides”.


Imagine your icon being your sole companion in the zombie apocalypse. They have all the powers they have in the movie/game/show they’re from.

i got three compliments on my singing and acting in two days 

bub bu bu bub bubub ubbub ubu

If we’re mutuals describe yourself on anon and I’ll guess who it is


i trust lee pace. he seems worthy of being trusted. i’ve never met him, but i trust him

"i killed my life of sadness! how, you ask? why, with three dicks at the same time"


man playing CAH with adults is a whole nother ball game

i bet joly’s cane has like a topper that’s filled with candy


joly is one letter away from joy and i don’t think that’s a coincidence