ohmygod. i just finished the highlights video for les mis dallas. and. just.


i have a mighty need



New Video!

Les Misérables Highlights at Dallas Theater Center

With the amount of footage they have…. 
Could it be? A DVD?


Marius makes a social faux pas or generally does something a bit awkward and in order to save him Courfeyrac just throws him over his shoulder and walks away

and Marius just looks really apologetic and just whispers ‘sorry’ as Courfeyrac carries him off


"You don’t believe in anything."

"I believe in you."

In most cases, TV’s potential as a consciously used instrument of political and social control is compromised by the fact that the medium is too distracting, too ubiquitous, too much a home entertainment diversion. When the history of the medium is written, it may be said that Big Brother met his match in Lucille Ball, and lost.
- Wilson Dizard, Television: A World View (1966)


there’s no such thing as “making up genders”, it’s creating words for genders that already exist.


if you’re aware that many homosexual couples can procreate without problems and you know it clap your hands

if you’re aware that being in a homosexual relationship doesn’t define your sexuality as homosexual and you know it clap your hands!

if you’re sick of bi and trans erasure in the queer community and you really want to show it clap your hands


what to do if u dislike a tumblr blogger:

  • unfollow them
  • done