twerfs: abolish gender
the same twerfs literally two seconds later: ''male anatomy''

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Sounds for hopeless souls floating away into a blackening abyss. A mix for cosmonauts, and the emptiness of their everlasting space.


school beach trip??? i imagine most wizard swimwear looks similar to bathing suits from the late 17th and early 18th centuries. hermione however decides to wear very 90s muggle swimwear and sticks out a considerable amount. (she doesn’t care tho (heck yes muggle born pride))

harry on the other hand borrows one from the twins, as he has never owned a bathing suit much less a wizard one. needless to say it doesn’t fit, and even more unfortunately for harry, the twins switch up their clothes so often that. well,


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gonna do all wish me luck


This is simple.

The insistence that being trans is a medical condition or requires dysphoria is racist because it prioritizes white narratives of gender (including sex binary).

It means that to be trans you have to feel a certain way about your body as prescribed by the medical establishment which largely upholds white colonial conceptions of gender and sex.

This directly hurts twoc who come from cultures with conceptions of sex and gender outside of white colonial ideals. It erases them and makes them subject to the will of medicine.

Since “being trans” becomes a prerequisite for trans specific medical treatment, truscum actively advocate for limiting said treatment to those who fit this very white conception of sex/gender.

That is fucking racist and violent.